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I'm trying to use BOINC instead of SETI@home.. converted the user account, got the unique ID from BOINC, plugged in the URL provided in the email..

I haven't been able to download a single workload from this thing! I ALWAYS get the message "No work from project"...

What am I doing wrong??
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Changeover deadline

Out of interest, does anyone know when the old seti@home will stop working and we'll all have to be on BOINC?

Just curious, really. I'm currently running the old at home and the new at work and I'm wondering how much longer it is. I am currently on 1437 WUs on the old system, so I'm thinking about going for 1500 since it's a nice round number and then abandoning it.

Anyway, not important, just wondering really.


Has anyone tried using BOINC instead of the old client?

I can't get any WUs to process, it just says 'No scheduler responded. Deferring communications for x hours, y minutes and z seconds'

Is it just me?

The BOINC interface for SETI@Home is now released to the public!

The BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing) beta test project for SETI@Home was successful, and now version 3.08 of BOINC is available for public use. The SETI@Home project will be in a transition phase for the next few months, allowing participants to use the old version of SETI@Home as well as BOINC, but soon BOINC will be used exclusively. Work unit credits for users on the old system will be transported to BOINC.

Go here to learn the basics behind BOINC.
Go here to partipate in SETI@Home using BOINC

Third-party app advice?

I posted a comment to this same effect, but I figured I'd join and ask everybody at the same time.

I just got a newwwwww laptop named 'Sothis'. It's gorgeous and can crunch using the GUI screensaver client at about 10%/hour. Quite a change from my Pavilion, which is about 1 WU per 36 hrs.

Anyway, I need to use one of those caching clients because I can't be connecting to the Internet every 6 hours, it's just not practical. I tried setting up SetiGate, but the client-app is just not talking to SetiGate at all, and I can't figure out what's wrong.

Does anybody have any suggestions or advice they can give me, please?
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