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SETI Outages

Okay, we've had some discussion about SETI outages, so I just thought I'd point everyone in the direction of a couple of updates on the SETI@home Website.

lapislaz wondered whether they'd released a new client while we weren't looking. It seems not, but this update seems potentially relevant with respect to a change we all ought to be aware is coming:

August 26, 2005
You can now log in to this web site using your email address and a password of your choice. Set your password here, BOINC is being changed to use email/password instead of account keys (the long random strings) to identify accounts. This is detailed here.

But the real killer is this update. Yep, they've had a week long outage:

August 31, 2005
Most of the servers are back up, but still dropping a lot of connections as we recover from a week-long outage. More information in Technical News.

Actually, Technical News is quite an interesting read. It just shows how many problems they do have.
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Fatal Curiosity II


Hihi! I'm Katie. Call me either that or Atagamay. I don't care which.

I think it's so cool that this community exists! I've been a SETI fan since I was somewhere around seven-nine years old. I was a nerdy kid, I guess! X3 As I am a nerdy... Teenager-young-adult-person... Now! But yeah, I think not believing in life elsewhere is actually sort of... Silly! The universe is such a big place that it's obvious that there's life elsewhere, and that it's pretty arrogant of us to assume that we're the only ones.

So yeah, that's my intro! A big hello to you all! ^_^

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SETI@home move - Prepare for your conversion!

For those running SETI@home - This news came on BOINC's SETI@home website yesterday. Take the time to make sure you can convert over now unless you're hitting a milestone you'd like to brag about! :)

March 17, 2005
In preparation for shutting down SETI@home Classic (in about 1 month, hopefully) we're trying to make sure that SETI@home Classic accounts are linked to the proper SETI@home/BOINC account. This is a bit complicated because of email address changes. See our current transition plan.

A Second Opinion?

Hey folks, look at the line below. Doesn't that line look repetitive? Predictable? Has anybody else seen something like this?


I took this screen capture with ScreenShootPlus 1.1.5 and it is unmodified. This is what I'm talking about, right here:


The run of that line looks repetitive to me. I've never seen it like that. If anybody else's computer is doing Work Units from approximately the same time/place as me, Sunday October 12th, 2003 from the same or roughly the same coordinates, please have a look. Thanks.

Your thoughts?
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