Dr. Carl Sagan (carl_sagan) wrote in seti,
Dr. Carl Sagan

Save our science!

SOS: Save Our Science!

NASA's acclaimed Science Program -- the heart and soul of the U.S. space agency -- is in danger!

In spite of its great promises of a "Vision for Space Exploration",the U.S. administration has submitted a shameful 5-year budget thatwill devastate NASA's science efforts. It slashes over $3 billion fromcrucial science programs in favor of paying for unplanned andunbudgeted new costs for an expensive Space Shuttle program that isscheduled to be phased out by 2010.

If this disastrous budget stands, NASA will have no "Vision" atall. As one former NASA official put it, "Exploration without Scienceis just tourism"...and that is exactly what this budget promises.

Space exploration is a worldwide enterprise, and NASA's programserves all Earth's people. These catastrophic cuts will rob the entireworld of unique chances to explore our solar system.

Right now, we have a simple choice: we can wring our hands whileNASA's most daring and productive efforts are strangled…or we canfight! We can stop the U.S. administration from decimating Science andvirtually destroying one of the world's premiere exploration programsfor at least a decade -- and perhaps for our lifetimes.

Take Action Today!

Help launch the Society's SOS: Save Our Science Campaign. Simply take the following three steps right away:

First: Sign the Petition.

We will personally deliver these to the U.S. officials directlyinvolved in these decisions -- and to leaders of space programs aroundthe world.
Sign the Petition >>

Second: Call or write leaders in your own country directly!

Let your leaders of science and technology know of your support for international space exploration.
U.S. citizens can use our Legislative Action Center.

Third: Donate to the Campaign.

Only with your financial help can we succeed in this urgent SOS Campaign to restore NASA's Science budget.

What will happen if this budget is passed?

The Europa Mission- DEAD.
This long-sought mission -- actually mandated by Congress last year-- would have explored one of our best shots at finding life beyondEarth. The Terrestrial Planet Finder - DEAD.
TPF would have enabled us to find Earth-like worlds in distantsolar systems -- to actually see continents and seasonal changes onother planets.

The Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA)- DEAD
Years of international preparation lost.

Mars Sample Return mission - DEAD. Two Mars Scout missions scheduled for after 2011...dead. The Mars Telecommunications Orbiter...dead.

University research funding - CUT 15%
Astrobiology - GUTTED by 50%
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