Moej O'Raisin (moejoh) wrote in seti,
Moej O'Raisin

GRRR Can't connect with BOINC!

Ok. So I FINALLY move from the old platform to BOINC.

I have 3 machines here, all attached to the same Linksys switch. 1 of the machines is able to connect via BOINC and up/dl the work units.

My other 2 machines keep giving me "FAILED TO ATTACH TO PROJECT" in the BOINC manager.

Any ideas of what's keeping me from getting work from the server.

No firewall (hw or sw). All 3 machines similar. Win XP as the OS. 256M ram. On the 2 non connect machines, EVERYTHING works fine otherwise. BOINC is the *ONLY* problem. I have the latest version .

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