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Hihi! I'm Katie. Call me either that or Atagamay. I don't care which.

I think it's so cool that this community exists! I've been a SETI fan since I was somewhere around seven-nine years old. I was a nerdy kid, I guess! X3 As I am a nerdy... Teenager-young-adult-person... Now! But yeah, I think not believing in life elsewhere is actually sort of... Silly! The universe is such a big place that it's obvious that there's life elsewhere, and that it's pretty arrogant of us to assume that we're the only ones.

So yeah, that's my intro! A big hello to you all! ^_^

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Nerdy is good :-)
And what a gorgeous userpic :-)
Thanks! I love both the moon and the Japanese language, so yeah! ^_^

And yes, nerdy is great!
I swear I've seen your icon somewhere else before....*peruses the communities to which xreddestinyx belongs* Hmm....I don't belong to any of those, perhaps it was a similar avatar in some forum.

Anywho, as purpletigron said: nerdy is good. Well, it's better post-high school. ^_~

It's great that some people are so open-minded. I also think that life exists somewhere out there, but I'm a bit of a cynic because I tend to think that the majority of extraterrestrial life we find will tend to be single-celled organisms and/or other relatively basic forms of life. I can't wait until Europa and Titan are studied thoroughly. ^_^

Well, keep on crunchin'.
I saw someone with a very similar icon before. We agreed that we were "moon twins!" X3

I think that the universe is so big that there has to be many types of life out there. Some no more advanced then bacteria, some more advanced than us. It's probablity.