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SETI@Home Classic Finished

Okay, so presumably everyone is aware that Classic SETI@Home closed its doors yesterday.

I was just wondering what stats people had got to?

Personally, mine are as follow:

Results Received2,121
Total CPU Time1.838 years
Average CPU Time per work unit7 hr 35 min 23.7 sec
Average results received per day1.65
SETI@home user for3.517 years
Your rank out of 5,436,301 total users is169,981st place
The number of users who have this rank71
You have completed more work units than96.872% of our users

I'd have liked to have hit 2,500 units before close, but I'll take that.

Of course, according to the top users list, the top user Serhat SUT - Turk Seti Team reached 8,548,600 units.

Anyway, anyone else want to share? How did we all fare at close of play?
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